Thursday, February 11, 2010

Starting it out

Hello everyone, my name is Eddy Dubell and I'm an alcoholic... wait, not this isn't right... OH!
BLOGS! Yes, that's right, I'm starting a blog! I really have no idea where to start this whole thing so i figured i'd talk about what i want to achieve from this experience. I feel this is the perfect place to keep track of my art and design work, as well as sketches and maybe things that might inspire me and maybe some theories on design and all of that nonsense. Err, maybe not. Don't want to make people fall asleep and be bored out of their minds.

So for now i'll just start it off with a watercolor sketch I did just messing around since i hadn't touched watercolors since I was real young. i've been trying to get into all the different paint styles since I've been so stuck into only doing digital work that I haven't done anything hands on.

Hopefully I can get into posting every week, if not multiple times a week with new artsy stuff. Until next time!!


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