Thursday, March 4, 2010

I herd that u liek...

I'm definitely big into the internet and what is has to offer, especially when it comes to inside jokes. When writing comics in my high school and early college years, I stuck to mostly to silly inside jokes because they were always personal. they were between my friend and I and as long as they laughed i enjoyed it. When I began using the internet, i grew very fond of 4chan and the meme's because it was a source of inside jokes that my close friends understood and would have us cracking up for ours over all the silly phrases and gifs we would find. The one that has always stuck was the mudkip joke.

It made me laugh every time. So what better way to share it with friends and family then to give everyone I know mudkip paintings!!!I kind of went on a rampage of creating these things around Christmas this year but I had been working on a stencil for it for a long time... well not really... more like I worked creating the parts of the stencil and never actually printed it, cut it, of put it together. It pretty much sat on my computer for over a year until I had this fantastic idea of what to do for a christmas for allmy friends while I'm COMPLETELY BROKE(due to the economy and the millions of designs without jobs BLAH BLAH BLAH...)! the outcome of a month worth of mudkips was four 11x14 inch and one 24x36 inch paintings.

Needless to say, my friends we very excited for them.

since then i created one for my sister (she wanted one for her birthday) and one for my friend's little sister (yet another birthday girl). I'm beginning to think these things are a hit. i have another one sitting around here in my bed room that i think I'm probably going to try to sell off of etsy, just need to finish up my account and get paypal working properly. I'm defiantly going to think about making more since i have had other request for these things as well. I never knew there were so many adults into Pokemon. =)