Monday, July 12, 2010

first friday

Jeez, I need to get in the groove of posting again. I attended First friday in Philadelphia again, with Christine, my loving girlfriend. She runs a cute blog over at Though we didn't sell much, we still had a good time and met some awesome people. I think it was mostly because of July 4th weekend and everyone was at the beach.

I always have blast and always enjoy feedback from what other people would like to see (pokémon-wise) and what they think of the style in general. I also enjoy when people are confused by the pokémon and the servbots... seems like a lot of people don't play video games haha. I seem to get "I like those robots" or "lego men" all the time. PLAY SOME MEGAMAN LEGENDS AND MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2! These are some classics.

Then i thought to myself... I should do other videogames and animes that no one plays to it's even more obscure. Then my target audience would be even smaller, probably not the best idea...

Oh well. Speaking of needing to update things, i need to update my etsy account and put some new paintings up (and take one off because i sold it at 1st friday). so much work to do...

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