Thursday, July 1, 2010

Friday again?!

going to be back in Philadelphia for First Friday to show off some paintings, maybe even sell a few again. I got a good response last time, you can tell who the video game nerds are but the quick glances at the mudkip and hearing people mutter under their breath "I heard like mudkips." Always puts a smile on my face.

I got a bunch more paintings painted up. Most are more Pokemon and a couple of servbots. I have a list of pokémon in my head just waiting to be made into stencils or maybe just painted up. Though i love the hole "pop art" look of my current work, i think i wanna try and make some silly hand painted pokés.

I have had this feeling lately that I don't have enough time and canvases to create all the ideas in my head... I also blame video games for not having enough time for art, but thats just bad excuses and me not being good with time management. WORK WORK WORK PAINT PAINT PAINT!!

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  1. sorry know, i need to add some pics. PEOPLE WANNA SEE ART!