Thursday, November 18, 2010

Drawing the Line: keeping your mind fresh.

I've been having this problem lately. I've been working in The graphic design business for about 3 years doing lots of mundane work. Quick newspaper ads, business cards, stationery, restaurant menus, nothing that has actually stimulated my creative mind and kept it running. for a while it was just so blah and bored out of my mind and I i felt like i just didn't have any creativity left.

I recently started drawing again. I pretty much stopped all drawing in college because i was so overwhelmed with the projects i was working at hand and then after i graduated and go into the working world, the time i had free was spent doing mindless things like playing video games or just watching tv. While working part time for some time now, i feel really rejuvenated. I've spent a lot of my extra time, creating pieces of art, getting back into drawing, My style has changed a lot since i last drew, but i think it has taken a turn for the best. I've started working more directly with pen and ink as well as regular pens and then switched up to coloring with watercolor. For a long time I had never really colored anything in my sketchbooks, just doodles with pencil, so it's a big changed of pace.

The one thing I'm now having a hard time with is getting my mind back into designing and creating on a new level. Being stuck doing mindless ads and print work has taken a toll on me and i just having a hard time moving past it. I want to create new and innovative pieces but struggle to keep myself doing it. I read a lot of design blogs and feel inspired by the stuff i see but i just have a hard time getting into the swing of things like designing posters, logos and stuff just for fun and possible portfolio work. It's something i have been battling for months and i just hope that i can break free of the designers block and get back into designing for fun...

Does anyone else have any ways they deal with this sort of thing??

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