Monday, November 8, 2010

Mr. Picklesworth

This is Mr. Picklesworth. His mustache shows just how dignified he is.

This was just to show off an idea I had while looking at a piece my friend did. I misinterpreted what i thought to be a cardboard frame, which ended up just being a frame bought from a thrift store and repainted. I'm working on a series of frames created from cardboard. this however is just a rough idea but i want to create some detailed and in-depth looking frames that possible represent victorian designs with just corrugated cardboard. We'll see how well this project turns out.
Watercolors, Brush Pens, cardboard border.

This past weekend, I ended up selling this awesome piece to some one while at 1st friday in Philadelphia. I was both happy and sad. I had this up on my wall for about a month and took it down friday to just see peoples reactions to it... i didn't think i'd end up actually selling him off to someone. But then again, i'm happy he's going to a good home as someones present.

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